Intelligent whole house ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water for domestic homes.


Ventive Home is a fully-integrated ventilation, heating and hot water system combining exhaust-air and air-sourced heat pump technologies, designed for both new dwellings and energy retrofits.

Replacing traditional boilers, hot water cylinders and ventilation units, Home allows you move away from fossil fuels and benefit instead from clean renewable energy,reducing your carbon footprint in one, simple to install, box.

Zero Carbon

Zero carbon

Renewable heating and hot water

Ventilation with heat recovery

Whole-house ventilation combined with free summer cooling

natural ventilation

Real-time performance monitoring

Remote monitoring, performance optimisation and proactive maintenance

natural ventilation

Designed for grid

balancing services, maximising time-of-use tariffs and integrating with Smart metering and billing solutions

How does Ventive Home work?

Ventive HOME is a complete environment management solution, providing balanced ventilation, hot water and comfort by using exhaust air as a source of energy, combined with a high efficiency heat pump and intelligent connected controls. Actively adapting to each individual home, the system provides outstanding energy performance at a manageable cost.

Enhanced heat recovery

Heat recovery

Heat Pump recovers heat from stale exhaust air to ensure maximum energy savings and comfort for occupants.



Home dynamically adjusts to indoor and outdoor temperatures to provide a balance of heat recovery, cooling and air quality.

Passive cooling

Smart heating

10kWh Thermal Store enables the Heat Pump to generate heat at night using off-peak electricity while keeping the house warm and Hot Water ready whenever needed.

Summer cooling

Summer cooling

Incoming air is tempered by a heat pump to cool down, without using extra electricity, reducing the risk of overheating – for free.

Ventive Home dimensions

Ventilation rate: 20-100 l/s (demand responsive)

Heat Recovery & Heating: up to 88% (at 40 l/s)

Hot Water: up to 300l at 45°C

Night time cooling: up to 2 Air Changes per Hour

Daytime cooling: up to 2kW for free

Heating: up to 6kW at 40°C

Design & installation

From initial planning drawings to full installation design, we can provide dedicated support for your project, complete with on-site commissioning. Contact us today with details of your project and we will provide you with the right system to you’re your design goals. All our systems are fully monitored following commissioning so we can remotely update the performance parameters of your building to suit changing requirements and optimise efficiencies.