Intelligent whole house ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water for domestic homes.


Ventive Home is a connected, fully-integrated ventilation, heating and hot water system combining PVHR™ (passive ventilation with heat recovery) and exhaust-air heat pump technologies, designed for new dwellings.

Ventive Home is a connected, fully-integrated ventilation, heating and hot water system combining PVHR™ (passive ventilation with heat recovery) and exhaust-air heat pump technologies, designed for new dwellings.

natural ventilation

100% fresh air

Home is a natural ventilation system, meaning it only supplies fresh air into your house. It does not mix in stale contaminated air unlike other ventilation systems, improving your indoor air quality.

natural ventilation

Year-round comfort

You get the best of both worlds; winter heat recovery to keep your house warm, summer cooling to avoid overheating. Be comfortable in your home at a minimal energy cost.

natural ventilation


Once installed, Home connects automatically to the Ventive Cloud to enable remote commissioning, real-time performance monitoring, and proactive maintenance. Available as standard, the connection is made via a GSM network to ensure security, simplicity, and savings. Learn more about Ventive Cloud (link)

natural ventilation

Designed for your home

Ventive Home has no noisy fans or motors, giving occupants the silence and fresh air required for a comfortable indoor environment. Testing has shown it reduces external noise by an average of 45%.

How does Ventive Home work?

Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery (PVHR™) is a patented method of delivering high thermal efficiency and consistent air flow using natural ventilation systems by securely transferring the heat from exhaust air to fresh incoming air. Learn more

An integrated home environment management solution, providing ventilation, hot water, and comfort; using exhaust air as a source of energy, combined with a high-efficiency heat pump and intelligent, connected controls. Actively adapting to each individual home, the system provides outstanding energy performance at a manageable cost.

Home takes advantage of the basic principles of physics to deliver a constant stream of fresh air indoors while maintaining a comfortable climate throughout the year. Hot air rises, and as it escapes through an extract duct in the roof, Ventive Home captures the thermal energy and pumps it back into the house using innovative heat pump technology. This energy can then be used for domestic hot water, dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Enhanced heat recovery

Heat recovery

Incoming air enters through a vent low in the building. Warm exhaust air rises to the top of the building and exits through the Ventive Home cowl, transferring its energy via a heat exchanger. The heat is pumped back around the house using pipes, warming occupied areas, and the incoming air, creating a loop of perfect temperatures while minimising energy usage.

Enhanced heat recovery


Home dynamically adjusts to sensor data from the house to ensure a steady supply of fresh air at comfortable temperatures. This can change multiple times during the day as occupancy levels vary.

Enhanced heat recovery

Passive cooling

During warm conditions, Home provides a constant flow of air through the room overnight without the need to open any windows. Capable of 4 air changes per hour, this method can reduce temperatures overnight by up to 10°C.

Enhanced heat recovery

Summer operation

Incoming air is tempered by a heat pump to cool down, causing warm internal air to rise and be extracted through the roof. A constant flow of fresh air creates a pleasant breeze for occupants.

Visualisation of 3 key performance points
Energy Use

Ventilation:0W (passive)

Heat Recovery & Heating: up to 900W

Hot Water: up to 2.4kW (including 1.5kW backup)

Night time cooling: 0W (passive)

Daytime cooling: 900W (active)

BREEAM credits:Up to 6 (Hea02, Ene01, Ene04)


Ventilation rate: 20-120 l/s (demand responsive)

Heat Recovery & Heating: up to 4kW at 35°c

Hot Water:up to 4.5kW at 70°c

Night time cooling: up to 4 Air Changes per Hour

Daytime cooling: up to 4kW at 15°c

Design & installation

From initial planning drawings to full installation design, we provide dedicated support for your project, complete with on-site commissioning. Contact us today with details of your project and we can provide thermal performance modelling, IES reports, and advice on how the right ventilation strategy can help your design goals. At Ventive we model, specify and manufacture each system to suit your specific project. All our systems are fully monitored following commissioning so we can remotely update the performance parameters of your building to suit changing requirements.