Design Services

Every project is unique. That’s why we design, specify and manufacture each PVHR system to fit perfectly with your project’s requirements for roof angle, room location, building fabric, and performance requirements. All Ventive’s PVHR systems are connected to the cloud and provide valuable performance data that can uncover ways to improve ventilation strategies for future projects. With a wide choice of colours and shapes, you can choose whether you want to stand out or blend in. To make sure we deliver the perfect system for you, we offer the following design services.

natural ventilation

Thermal performance report

Our PVHR units are pure natural ventilation systems, meaning they only supplies fresh air into rooms. They do not mix in stale contaminated air like other systems.

natural ventilation

IES report

A room-by-room analysis within the building, along with recommendations on the best ventilation strategy for each area.

natural ventilation

3D models

Get to know our systems. Contact the Ventive support team today to get 3D models onto your device, and you will love the beautiful design and passive performance of our products as much as we do.

natural ventilation

BIM models

Download BIM models, CAD files and specification data to fit the Ventive system into your project design. Contact the Ventive support team for more details.

natural ventilation


Get it right first time. Our ventilation specialists’ team will make sure you install your Ventive system quickly and easily, with commissioning available on site or remotely.

natural ventilation

Post-occupancy report

When you have your Ventive system up and running, we will send periodical reports showing you exactly how your school ventilation strategy is working. We can recommend how to optimise performance and alert you to any potential maintenance issues.