Remote Monitoring

The 2018 version of BB101 states that ventilation must allow the user to monitor carbon dioxide levels within the classroom, and have the ability to make changes to the ventilation system based on occupant demand. The optimisation of ventilation is critically important for building services to remain fit for purpose as usage patterns evolve and weather patterns change.

Connected to the cloud

Once installed, Ventive systems connect automatically to the Ventive cloud through a mobile GSM network. Data on air quality, temperatures and operation modes is continuously sent, allowing us to quickly build a usage profile for the building and help you optimise ventilation performance for the best results.

Occupants in a room fitted with a Ventive system will notice a white CO2 sensor installed on the wall, displaying a reading of the CO2 levels, represented as parts per million (ppm). The screen is colour-coded to make it easy for occupants to understand the numbers and what mode the system is operating in.

  • Green: CO2 levels are below 1500ppm and standard heat recovery mode is engaged
  • Orange: CO2 levels are between 1500ppm and 2000ppm and bypass mode is engaged, extra dampers have been opened to increase the rate of air flow in the room
  • Red: CO2 levels are above 2000ppm and purge mode is engaged, all dampers have been opened to maximise the rate of air flow and rapidly decrease the amount of CO2 in the room

Remote commissioning

Digital connection means that the system can be monitored and checked remotely, enabling commissioning of the installation to happen immediately – no need to wait around on site. Quick confirmation allows contractors to get on with the task at hand, safe in the knowledge the installation job has been done correctly.

Performance monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring allows us to see if the building is running in the way it was designed to be. Over time a profile can be built up for each unit and the classroom it supplies, which can be analysed for trends. With this valuable data we can provide feedback to architects and consultants on how building services are operating in comparison to the modelling data. Facilities managers can tweak system parameters to get the exact performance they are looking for in each room. You will also be able to see just how much energy is saved by choosing a naturally intelligent ventilation system.

Proactive maintenance

A stitch in time saves nine. Connection to the cloud enables you to be alerted whenever data in the system is out of place, allowing facilities managers to fix something before it becomes a big problem. This approach of constant monitoring saves time, money, and removes the risk of a breakdown affecting how the building runs.