Whitepaper: School ventilation strategies

£150 million per year is spent on heating and ventilating empty school buildings, according to a 2016 report by RIBA. However many studies show that proper ventilation within schools improves student wellbeing, academic performance and classroom behaviour. Natural ventilation systems solve these issues by improving air quality within schools whilst at the same time reducing operating costs and carbon emissions. Register your details and we will email you the new whitepaper “Intelligent natural ventilation strategies for schools”, where you will learn:

    • How current school designs are failing the criteria set for them (emissions, operational cost, overheating)
    • Regulations and considerations that impact on design decisions for a new school
    • What to consider when choosing a ventilation strategy
    • How building services can adapt to occupant behaviour over time
    • Why a natural ventilation strategy fits with the RIBA best practice guidelines for school design

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