The most energy efficient ventilation, comfort heating and cooling system in the UK.


The most energy efficient ventilation, comfort heating and cooling system in the UK.

Ventive ACTIVE combines two wall ventilators that are façade-integrated providing pure natural ventilation for schools and commercial buildings – designed to deliver fresh air at comfortable temperatures for all seasons.

natural ventilation

100% fresh air

ACTIVE is a natural ventilation system, meaning it only supplies fresh air into rooms. It does not mix in stale contaminated air like other systems.

natural ventilation

Enhanced heat recovery

ACTIVE combines Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery (PVHR™) with a heat pump to be the most efficient way of delivering ventilation and comfort heating.

natural ventilation


Once installed, ACTIVE connects automatically to the Ventive cloud to enable remote commissioning, real-time performance monitoring and proactive maintenance. Available as standard, connection is made via a GSM network to ensure security, simplicity and savings.

natural ventilation

Silent operation

ACTIVE has no noisy fans or motors, giving occupants the silence and fresh air required for full concentration. Testing has shown it reduces external noise by an average of 45% (link)

natural ventilation

Year-round comfort

ACTIVE adapts to the external environment automatically, delivering optimal comfort. Passive cooling and night-time purge modes minimise risk of summer overheating, while heat recovery mode in winter saves on energy bills.

natural ventilation

Seamless design

We design, specify and manufacture each ACTIVE unit to be perfect for your specific project. We can update performance parameters to suit changing requirements.

How does Ventive ACTIVE work?

Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery (PVHR™) is a patented method of delivering high thermal efficiency and consistent air flow using natural ventilation systems by securely transferring the heat from exhaust air to fresh incoming air. Learn more.

ACTIVE enhances PVHR techniques with the addition of an efficient heat pump. Active is comprised of two wall ventilators connected by system intelligence. Warm, stale air naturally rises, and exits the room through a louvre high up on a wall. As it is leaving, the air passes through a Heat Exchanger that transfers the energy to the incoming fresh air via a heat pump connected to the bottom louvre. A number of sensors constantly monitor the temperature and air quality within the room, bringing the heat pump into action only when needed. The sensors communicate with the system’s actuators to adapt performance to changing conditions in real time. You can set custom parameters based on your own requirements, and later tweak them based on real life performance data. ACTIVE is capable of the following operation modes:

Enhanced heat recovery

Enhanced heat recovery

During the heating season, the heat pump activates to temper the temperature of fresh incoming air, ensuring maximum comfort for occupants. Warm air passing through the exhaust louvre transfers thermal energy to liquid within the heat pump via convection, which is pumped down to the incoming air at the lower louvre.

Enhanced heat recovery

Heat recovery

ACTIVE dynamically adjusts to sensor data from the classroom to provide an optimal balance of heat recovery with air quality. This can change multiple times during the day as occupancy levels vary.

Enhanced heat recovery

Passive cooling

During warm conditions ACTIVE engages in secure night-time cooling. Capable of 4 air changes per hour, this method can reduce temperatures overnight by up to 10°c.

Enhanced heat recovery

Active cooling

ACTIVE cools down incoming summer air to prevent overheating during occupied hours. It passes through the Heat Exchanger to transfer heat away to exhaust air, before flowing in to the classroom.

Visualisation of 3 key performance points
Energy Use

Ventilation: 0W

Heat Recovery: Up to 450W

Night time cooling: 0W

Daytime cooling: Up to 450W


Ventilation rate: 50-200 l/s (demand responsive)

Heat Recovery: Up to 2.2kW at 30°c

Night time cooling: Up to 4 ACH

Daytime cooling: Up to 2.2kW at 18°c

BREEAM credits: Up to 6 (Hea02, Ene01, Ene04)

Design & installation

From initial planning drawings to full installation design, we provide dedicated support for your project, complete with on-site commissioning. Contact us today with details of your project and we can provide thermal performance modelling, IES reports and advice on how the right ventilation strategy can help your design goals. At Ventive we model, specify and manufacture each system to suit your specific project. All our systems are fully monitored following commissioning so we can remotely update the performance parameters of your building to suit changing requirements.

Visualisation of 3 key performance points
Technical Documents:


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