naturally intelligent ventilation

inspired by nature

Pure Natural Ventilation and passively delivered thermal comfort have been around for thousands of years and can reliably provide the desired ‘indoor’ environment. Ventive combines the best solutions present in nature with deep understanding of building physics to deliver similarly robust and energy efficient solutions applicable to a variety of building designs.

intelligence by design

Ventive links building fabric with performance through intelligent building services, optimising each system individually to suit the needs of the occupants, all as standard with no need for connection to BMS or on-site network access.

Each system not only monitors and reacts to indoor environment (ensuring the right performance all year round) but also connects to the cloud as soon as it is installed - enabling remote commissioning, real time monitoring of air quality, occupant comfort and system performance as well as ongoing adaptation, remote updates and proactive maintenance.

effective passive ventillation

Ventive pioneered PVHRTM (Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery) and has been helping Architects and M&E Consultants achieve Part L compliance and higher BREEAM rating while reducing project cost and the burden of detailed design and thermal modelling.

The new ‘naturally intelligent ventilation’ range from Ventive offers not just pure natural ventilation but also additional capabilities such as passive heat recovery, passive night time cooling and low energy comfort cooling, available in all stack models (as windhive) and façade integrated systems (as in-vent passive and in-vent active). All Ventive systems are designed, installed and programmed to match the building characteristics and use, they can also be remotely reprogrammed if the intended use changes at a later date.

Ventive Windhive®

Naturally intelligent ventilation with passive heat recovery and cooling. Windhive is not just natural, it continuously adapts to how the building is being used, providing the right amount of fresh air and comfort exactly when needed. It is the most ecological and efficient ventilation system available.

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Ventive in-vent passive

Naturally intelligent ventilation in a cost effective package, neatly integrated into the façade. The system provides fresh air, continuously monitoring and adapting its performance to minimise heat loss and energy use. Ventive in-vent is available with or without passive heat recovery.

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Ventive in-vent active

Naturally intelligent ventilation with active heat recovery and summer cooling, seamlessly integrated into any façade. The system will provide fresh air as well as comfort heating and cooling all year round with less than half the energy use of any competing system.

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Ventive home

An integrated home environment management solution, providing ventilation, hot water and comfort; using exhaust air as a source of energy, combined with a high efficiency heat pump and intelligent, connected controls. Actively adapting to each individual home, the system provides outstanding energy performance at a manageable cost.

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