The best ventilation strategy works together with the building fabric to provide comfort for all occupants. We design our products to help buildings reduce carbon emissions, reduce operational cost, and be simple to install and maintain. Our technical experts explain the concepts that make Ventive systems the most innovative in the market today.

Why Natural Ventilation?

Buildings with natural ventilation have been found to save £30,000 on average. Learn more about this process

What is PVHR?

Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery (PVHR™) is a patented method of delivering high thermal efficiency and consistent air flow using natural ventilation systems by securely transferring the heat from exhaust air to fresh incoming air.

Connected Data

Learn more about how Ventive systems connect to the cloud to enable remote commissioning, real-time performance monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Design Services

Every project is unique. Ventive offers services and reports on thermal performance, IES, BIM modelling, and more to ensure you optimise your ventilation strategy.