ventive home

passive ventilation, heating, cooling & hot water

Ventive home is a connected, fully-integrated ventilation, heating and hot water system combining PVHR™ (passive ventilation with heat recovery) and exhaust-air heat pump technologies, designed for new dwellings. Thanks to its intelligent control system and innovative heat pump, Ventive home ventilates and heats the house in winter and passively cools it at night during a hot summer. Ventive home also provides domestic hot water with greatly reduced energy consumption.

Every home is unique. Using an array of integrated sensors to continuously assess the indoor environment Ventive home adapts the performance of each system, learning and optimising its operation and engaging occupants to drive improvements in energy efficiency. Combinating passive ventilation with a highly efficient heat pump, Ventive home achieves the greatest efficiency for any ventilation, hot water and comfort provision system.

Ventive home continuously monitors the performance of the building, adapting to changing environments in real-time to ensure that the indoor environment is managed in the optimal manner. Once installed, Ventive home immediately connects to the Ventive cloud - enabling remote commissioning, real-time monitoring of air quality, occupant comfort and system performance, as well as ongoing adaptation, updates and proactive maintenance. All of this is available as standard, with no need for connection to complex building management systems or on-site network access; making Ventive home one of the most intelligent and advanced ventilation and comfort management systems in the UK.

An integrated home environment management solution, providing ventilation, hot water and comfort; using exhaust air as a source of energy, combined with a high efficiency heat pump and intelligent, connected controls. Actively adapting to each individual home, the system provides outstanding energy performance at a manageable cost.

1. Winter operation
(full heat recovery)

2. Spring/Autumn operation
(bypass mode - some heat recovery)

3. Summer operation
(passive cooling)

4. Summer operation
(active cooling)


Ventilation rate:
20-120 l/s (demand responsive)

Heat Recovery & Heating:
up to 4kW at 35°C

Hot Water:
up to 4.5kW at 70°C

Night time cooling:
up to 4 Air Changes per Hour

Daytime cooling:
up to 4kW at 15°C

energy use:

0W (passive)

Heat Recovery & Heating:
up to 900W

Hot Water:
up to 2.4kW (including 1.5kW backup)

Night time cooling:
0W (passive)

Daytime cooling:
900W (active)