in-vent active

façade integrated passive ventilation & comfort

The latest innovation from the award-winning team at Ventive, in-vent active provides pure natural ventilation through the building façade. With intelligent, connected controls, coupled with its efficient heat pump technology (patent pending) in-vent active can pre-cool the building overnight and maintain comfortable temperatures during the summer days; while in winter the system reverses to pre-heat the incoming fresh air, helping to keep the building warm.

In-vent active does not recirculate contaminated air back into the building by “air mixing”; instead, it supplies 100% fresh air - ensuring best levels of comfort for the occupants. This combination of passive ventilation with a high performing heat pump ensures that in-vent active is the most energy efficient ventilation and comfort heating/cooling system available in the UK.

In-vent active is easily integrated into the building through the facade without the need for bulky and unsightly internal boxing or additional supports; all its innovative components are contained within a shallow, attractive box. With its discreet looks and a variety of colours and finishes, in-vent passive will seamlessly blend in with any building or interior design.

Once installed, in-vent active immediately connects to the Ventive cloud - enabling remote commissioning, real-time monitoring of air quality, occupant comfort and system performance, as well as ongoing adaptation, updates and proactive maintenance. All of this is available as standard, with no need for connection to complex building management systems or on-site network access; making in-vent active one of the most intelligent and advanced ventilation and comfort management systems in the UK.

The technical team at Ventive will model, specify and manufacture the system to suit each project individually, taking care of the system performance and operational setup. More importantly – all systems are fully monitored following commissioning to ensure optimum performance and user satisfaction. If anything changes during the life of the building the performance parameters can be updated remotely to suit.

Naturally intelligent ventilation with active heat recovery and summer cooling, seamlessly integrated into any façade. The system will provide fresh air all year round as well as comfort heating and cooling when required with less than half the energy use of any competing system.

1. Winter operation
(full heat recovery)

2. Spring/Autumn operation
(bypass mode - some heat recovery)

3. Summer operation
(passive cooling)

4. Summer operation
(active cooling)


Ventilation rate:
50-200 l/s (demand responsive)

Heat Recovery:
up to 2.2kW at 30°C

Night time cooling:
up to 4 Air Changes per Hour

Daytime cooling:
up to 2.2kw at 18°C

energy use:

0W (passive)

Heat Recovery:
up to 450W

Night time cooling:
0W (passive)

Daytime cooling:
up to 450W